LynX® Integrator – 25-8 – CERTIFIED LYNX® INTEGRATOR

Make happy users


We are a Certified LynX® Integrator, which means that we are a recognised integration company for the installation and service of the care and communication platform LynX®. All team members have received the training required for a thorough understanding of the system. You can be sure of a flawless installation and outstanding after-sales service, including the training of your own staff.

LynX® Connect

LynX® Connect started life in the care world as a unit to process all kinds of alarms and alerts. The system provides many different opportunities. It allows for nurse calls, wandering detection, localisation but also fire alarm alerts. LynX® Connect should be considered as a layer on top of all other systems. After all, it gathers all alarms, detects, analyses and responds or alerts the customer.


The main challenge tends to lie in dispatching the message appropriately. No need for complex technology but an efficient application that allows you to react instantly and allows you to minimise human errors. LynX® Connect  takes into account the user profile, this person's specific needs and delivers all notifications in a single screen.

LynX® Connect provides one smart solution designed by and for people involved in care. It is compatible with most existing solutions. The advantage is the possible recuperation of previous investments. As an additional advantage, you can spread your investments and increase them systematically. Also, buttons and sensors can be added to make your system more intelligent.

LynX® Home

As a certified integrator of LynX® Home we are able to offer the solution. We equip a home-care environment with sensors throughout the home. Such sensors learn the behavioural patterns or respond to manual interaction. If there is a disruption to 'normal' behaviour, the application issues an alarm. These alarm notifications are dispatched to carers/family or professional facilities according to their urgency, importance and people's availability.


These systems add value in three ways. First of all, they help people at home, allowing them to continue living independently in their own homes. Secondly, they add vital value by reassuring families and friends.  Thirdly, they act to optimise the service provider's efficiency and effectiveness.