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The mission of 25-8 is to help organisations and institutions to function entirely wirelessly, and preferably using smart devices. That is why 25-8 delivers network solutions with the high-quality products from Fortinet, Zyxel and Extreme Networks. We provide intelligent, effective and reliable Wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions that are simple to manage.


provides premium network security solutions to protect your network, users and data. Large campuses, scattered companies and small businesses all have different WLAN architecture needs, but share a common need for security. With BYOD, mobile personnel and IoT devices it is of crucial importance for IT organisations to manage access and deal with security risks.

Single channel Wi-Fi

Working with Fortinet, 25-8 provides a single-channel architecture whereby every device can view a single virtual access point. Roaming is therefore seamless and the network is easily extended. This approach makes such technology the favourite for VoIP and high-density Wi-Fi.


A switch is fundamental to a network. Both the switches from Extreme Networks and Zyxel are of premium quality, reliable and operationally efficient. They offer high-performance routing and switching, flexible stacking, PoE Plus support and extended security.

There is a full range of switches, which means there is an affordable solution for every budget.


Network Management Centre

Manage all devices from the central management system. By combining data-analysis, configuration control, error detection and diagnosis in a single tool, both the service levels and business cost efficiency are improved.